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The events that happen after the knife fight both perplex and fascinate readers; this is where the story really begins. The novel begins as Meursault receives a telegram about the death of his mother.

The next day, after returning from the funeral, Meursault meets his former colleague, Marie. In fact, he believed in the philosophy of existentialism where you control your activities and your future. Essay on love is blind coral gables steinernema kraussei descriptive essay the giver release essay about myself god of small things language analysis essays in ten years i see myself essay for kindergarten self selecting admissions essay attention getter for essays cosmetic surgery risks essay skriv et essay om litteraturens betydning til dissertation dissertation essaytown unrealized dreams essay essays on time is precious tom and daisy relationship essay teaching morality without religion essays mixtures and compounds compare and contrast essay angela pelster author essay les proverbes de la vie quotidienne essay.

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At the end of the novel Meursault is able to understand the meaning of life. Particularly, it is the confrontation between our longing for order, meaning, and clarity and the chaos, confusion, and irrationality of the world; between the human longing for happiness and the evil in the world.

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Those three simple words are devoid of any of the emotional turmoil that usually accompanies the sad event. After all of this success, some fabulous works followed.

The stranger albert camus essays on abortion

This amazing success was not just handed to Camus on a silver platter however; Albert endured many hard times and was often encumbered with great illness in his short life. Also, most of the society was Christian in the book and held Christian values.

To Meursault, believing in the divine and life after death automatically subscribes one to the idea of living by the rules; because if one were to violate these rules then the gift of eternity is lost.

However, Meursault was prepared to pay the price —and he did— of the authentic way in which he lived his life. Behavior at the funeral is repugnant to many B. Byhe was writing articles for magazines. They spend time together, make love at night and start a relationship.

Even though these vices are all there is to Raymond, he does have a virtue to Meursault. This suddenly makes him happy and he accepts his death. This correlation constitutes the absurd.

The idea of the divine, a supreme being, call it Jesus Christ, Allah or Buddha really find roots in common ground. The following Sunday, Meursault, Marie, and Sintes spend time on a seaside. There is more than meets the eye to the trial. They lure the girl on a date, where the pimp beats her.

While awaiting his execution, he thinks about how his life has no meaning besides just living and how death does not scare him. The main character has his own philosophy over death and is of the opinion that death is the only thing inevitable for all people.

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Online essay writers vs traditional commerce. This is another absurdity, but it is based on the fact that the individual has come to understand the absurdity of life and that this realization liberates him.

As if to emphasis other deep-seated frustration in his life, he shoots the man a few more times even after death came. She has a strong feeling of love and wants to be married to him.

The Stranger by Albert Camus - Essay Example

Albert Camus wrote many novels, plays, and essays. Some of his novels include A Happy Death, The Stranger, The Myth of Sisyphus, and The Plague. With the money he made from the publishing of The Plague, he paid the University of Algiers back fifteenfold.

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In the novella “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, language is used in several ways which serve to reflect and emphasise the plot, themes and characterisation in the text.

Albert Camus wrote a numerous amount inspiring novels/essays and gained success, starting at the young age of seventeen, when Camus decided to become a. Albert Camus was one of the most renowned authors during the early twentieth century.

The Stranger (1942) by Albert Camus Essay Sample

With writings such as The Stranger, and The Plague, Camus has struck the world of literature with amazing works that are analyzed to a great extent.

In Albert Camus' novel, The Stranger, Meursault represents an existentialist character. Most may believe him to be immoral, and in some cases they are almost correct.

Contrary to that belief, just because Meursault is an emotionless silhouette of a man doesn't mean he is immoral or evil.

The stranger albert camus essays for scholarships
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