Indian patriotism essay for kids

The South African Government consisting of the most autocratic whites, who were highly prejudiced against the colored Africans, at last realized that it was no longer possible to keep the poor, meek Africans under their thumbs.

They consider it a miracle, all these people living under a single roof. It uses it own produced food grains and fruits. We should sow the seeds of unity and prosperity and not of caste and creed, if so we are preparing a battlefield for the future generation which is sure to be doomed.

India is a democratic country where its public are authorized to take decisions for the betterment of the country. It contains a mountain called Himalaya which is biggest in the world. The youth wants to filter the bad and keep only the good.

India Essay 3 words India is my mother country and I love it very much. People around the world respect India because it is home to people of versatile cultures, languages and religions. He feels proud of his country. The youth with its immense power and correct frame of mind calculates how each step will build or destroy the nation.

We should love everyone in the vast family of our nation. It is just a term used by politicians often for their benefit in the election campaign. India Essay 6 words India is my country and I proud to be an Indian.

A patriot is loved and honoured by all we all are indebted to our mother-land. They are men of no principle and character. India is a great country of natural beauty where great people took birth from time to time and did great works.

But this is also a fact that when it comes to criticizing the country, the youth would not step back, it would be utterly truthful but only so that they could show the nation where it is going wrong. Wars break out between two nations for want of love for other countries.

We must love our country; at the same time we must not hate others. Or does it mean an NRI sitting in front of the idiot box or the laptop and commenting or applauding a small act of bravery shown on the media.

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Or does it mean an NRI sitting in front of the idiot box or the laptop and commenting or applauding a small act of bravery shown on the media. The youth has brought great development to the country and this is their way of saying that they love India.

Today we have great infrastructure, a stable economy, the media industry has grown and so has urbanization, we have better healthcare and education system. They want no rape or corruption, they want to bring an end to the terrorism, they want the government to prove that they are of the people, by the people and for the people.

As a scientist and patriot, he stands supreme, and when he makes speeches he speaks of developing India as a great nation. They fought for many years and sacrificed their lives to make India an independent country from the British rule. Man has fallen prey to the vicious influences so pervasive in society which is witness to the worst acts of desperados.

But at the end of the day this is our home and nobody would ever want to see their home breaking down. It has rich and glorious past.

I remember inthe year of centenary of Bande Mataram song, a celebration was announced to sing Bande Mataram in the whole country by students, teacher, youths and any citizen group. We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, but essence of his Swadeshi Movement is neither understood nor replicated by Indian policy makers, bureaucrats or businessmen.

Then why are our sectarian thoughts coming up now!. The Indian youth is aware of the problems that India facing today. is an apolitical platform for the young Indians to come together, network, brainstorm. Article shared by. Free sample essay on Patriotism in India for school and college students.

Patriotism lends a great dimension to a man’s personality and it exalts him to rare heights of nobility. -Patriotism is the respect and love we have for our country.

-A way of showing Patriotism is through our work. -We are Patriotic when we recognize what our country has given us.

Short Article on Patriotism in India Category: National Issues of India On July 23, By Vikash Mehra Patriotism is the great and selfless passion of love for one’s country. Hindi Patriotic Speech For Kids.

163 Words Essay on Patriotism for kids

Diary of a Speech and Drama Kid 6th Grade is already hard enough. In elementary school, we’re all ignorant to how the world is past 5th grade.

It’s the second worst thing to happen right behind being the freshman class in high school. Patriotism, the determination for owning our country, the spirit to stand and face all odds to liberate country, the love and emotion for motherland, everything has lost after independence.

Indian patriotism essay for kids
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Long and Short Essay on India in English for Children and Students