Common air pollutants essay

Air pollution is not only detrimental to the humans but also to the flora and fauna, threatening their very existence. Use renewable energy sources such as solar energy, biogas etc. The accumulation of NOx is toxic to both plants and animals.

Chlorofluoro carbons CFCs and nitrogen oxides cause ozone layer depletion and ozone hole. Conservation of energy— Initiatives like the Earth hour being introduced are a step towards conservation of energy.

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Essay on Pollution Prompt

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These things have made luxurious lives but the cost we paid by losing air quality is massive. Effects of Air pollution 1. They occur mainly in the form of sulphur dioxide. Depletion of Ozone layer: I was very desperate since I had failed a couple of papers before.

It is formed by incomplete combustion of carbon fuels in various industries, motor vehicles, hearths, kitchens, etc.

Criteria Air Pollutants

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It is also calculated that 1 kg of CFC can deplete 3. I contacted you with a question if you could write an essay for me. The important effects of air pollution are as follows: Natural sources of hydrocarbon release into air includes emission from trees, liberation from anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in presence of bacteria, liberation from domesticated animals etc.

What is Air Pollution?

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Soluble aerosols get absorbed into blood from alveoli while the insoluble aerosols are carried to the lymphatic stream and get deposited in the pulmonary, lymphatic depot point or lymp glands.

If the environmental protection policies are not followed seriously and strictly, the increasing level of air pollution may increase up to one million tons annually in the recent decades.

Human activity forms nitrogen oxides in combustion process of industries, automobiles, incinerators and nitrogen fertilizers. Whenever I began writing one paper, I thought about other projects and could not focus on any.

They cause eye irritation, respiratory troubles, blood congestion and dilation of arteries. The different air pollutants and their effects are as follows:. What are the common air pollutants around? Carbon Monoxide (CO) Fuel combustion from vehicles and engines.

Reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the body’s organs and tissues; aggravates heart disease, resulting in chest pain and other symptoms.

Natural air pollutants include (a) pollen, spores, (b) marsh gas, (c) volcanic gases and (a) synthesis of harmful chemicals by electric storms and solar flares.

The major cause of pollution in the urban areas is automobiles which inefficiently burn petroleum, releases 75% of noise and 80% of air pollutants. Essay on Air Pollution!

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution

Air is the most vital constituent of environment for the sustenance of life on earth. Air forms nearly 80% of man’s daily intake by weight. Free Essay: Pollution Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment.

Essay about Pollution. Words 3 Pages. Pollution Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. It is a major problem in America and as well as the world.

The air pollution from cars. Common air pollutants produced include greenhouse gases, smoke from industries, and smoke from vehicles. However, it has developed technology to mitigate high levels of pollution. The techniques used include the use of public transport, regular car check-up.

Here we come to the end of our air pollution essay covering the topic of human role in producing air pollutants. For further reading do not hesitate to read up on the 10 argumentative essay facts on air pollution and its follow-up on writing a platinum tier argumentative essay on air pollution.

Common air pollutants essay
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